• urban-partnership-bank_tote-bag.jpg Art Direction by: Bart Crosby, Crosby Associates
  • urban-partnership-bank_pens.jpg Art Direction by: Bart Crosby, Crosby Associates

Urban Partnership Bank

In August 2010 a group of individuals, financial institutions, and nonprofits came together driven by a shared commitment to transform underserved neighborhoods into flourishing communities by providing financial products and services that are often unavailable in urban areas. Urban Partnership Bank is one of 40 financial institutions in the US that are certified as both an MDI and CDFI. To underscore UPB’s urban origins, Crosby Associates created a logo that evokes the neighborhood grid of Chicago’s streets. More

From the bank’s inception we have managed much of its brand presence including branch interior and exterior design, signage, advertising, print, interactive products, and merchandising.