• aiga-chicago_t-shirts.jpg Art Direction by: Bart Crosby, Crosby Associates
  • aiga-chicago_award.jpg Art Direction by: Bart Crosby, Crosby Associates

AIGA Chicago

AIGA Chicago is the second largest of AIGA’s 68 regional chapters. We were instrumental in founding the chapter and have, since its inception, created scores of materials and orchestrated numerous events. Crosby Associates’ identifier for the chapter’s newsletter cleverly positioned AIGA inside Chicago, became hugely popular, and was eventually even applied to merchandise. In 1991, when the nation’s largest design conference required its own, distinctive brand and identity, we created a unique verbal/visual identifier and an overall motif for the event. More

Dozens of local designers implementing hundreds of related materials used the visual system when producing venues, signs, gifts, communications, and street banners that were displayed throughout the city during the three-day event.